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            時間:2022-07-08 19:11:40 自我介紹 我要投稿





              Hello! My name is Bai Xinman. I am 2 years old. I have long black hair and two bright eyes.. I'm a happy girl in my friend's eyes. I like drawing, because it is fun. I like reading, too. Because books are good teachers and helpful friends. I have read many famous books. Do you want to be my friend?


              Hello!My Chinese name is Su Qiao and my English name is Star . I'm 0 years old. May 6th is my birthday.

              I'm in Class 5, Grade 5 . I go to school on foot . I like reading books and Listening to muisc.My favourite food is beef , my favourite fruit is banana and my favourite colour is red .

              This is me! A lovely girl!


              Good morning teachers! I'm glad to introduce myself here.

              My name is… I'm …years old and graduated from… I recieved preschool education in my school. I am good at dancing.I don't have any working experience because I just graduate.

              I am lively and open-minded and I like playing with children. I hope I can get chance from your school to show my ability. Thank you very much!


              Tout le monde bon, jappelle XXX, le male, 21, linstitut de grands 4 eacute;tudiants de langues eacute;trangegrave;res, eacute;tudie cette anneacute;e suis des speacute;cialiteacute;s anglaises, 2 Franccedil;ais dexteacute;rieur, par langlais speacute;cialiseacute; 6 niveaux, bientot apregrave;s diplomeacute; danneacute;e obtiendrai la licence, est honoreacute; aujourdhui pour pouvoir beaucoup participer agrave; cette heure dinterviewer, jaurai la confiance, donc pourrai certainement avoir la bonne apparence, remercierai de moi cette occasion


              My name is XX,I'm 12 years old.I come from XX primary school.I think I'm a kind and confident girl.I like all the subject that I will learn this year,and I try my best to lear English well all the time.

              I like listening to pop songs and singing.I've been learning dance for 4 years.I think these hobby will be good for my future.I got on well with my classmates and my teachers when I was in the primary school,I'm glad to meet all the people in our 's be friends!


              y name is ... i was 19 years old.i am a senior high school student.i am good at surfing hobby is widespread,such as reading,listening to music, playing basketball.i am young,bright,energetic with strong study-ambition.i have good presentation skills and positive active mind future is to be a teacher.i hope i can make more children acquire knowledge .


              Hello everyone. My name is .... I am a student of Grade eight . I am an outgoing , lovely girl and I am so welcomed by my friends and my classmates. friend, xiao hai. She is very interesting and lovely too. She often tells funny stories and always make me laugh.

              We often play together. I like action movies. I think they are exciting and interesting. I often go to the movies with my friends on weekends. I can aslo play the violin and have won many prizes in the competitions.

              I take violin lessons twice a week. It is a little hard for me but I am very happy , because I have a dream. I want to be a great violinist one k you.